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The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons is reponsible for keeping the register of veterinary surgeons eligible to practise in the UK, they also award Fellowships, Diplomas and Certificates to veterinary surgeons, veterinary nurses and others.

This is a multisite install comprised of 4 websites - RCVS Professionals, Animals owners, Find a Vet and RCVS Knowledge. Each site is managed via a central CMS, this allows sites to share content as well as maintaining separate page trees and content for each individual site.

The site is build on a proprietary Java based CMS, utilising custom intagration with a third party CRM which manages logins, permissions and the veterinary register. The front-end was developed using LESS and jQuery, making use of various third party and custom plugins. A lot of effort went in to making the site accessible as well as fine tuning the UX, for example it makes use of jQuery Menu Aim to ensure the top level menus are easy to use. Each site has it's own color scheme which is powered by a defined set of LESS variables used throughout the themes.

One of the most important sites in the group is Find a Vet which allows people to find a veterinary clinic in their local area as well as finding qualified nurses and surgeons by their specialty. The vet search is powered by a third party database, we developed a series of complex SQL views to generate the search filters and options which are all dynamically generated.